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Chicago Police Need “Overhaul” After Foot Chases Led to Alvarez & Toledo Killings Within 48 Hours

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More than 100 people marched alongside the family of Anthony Alvarez in Chicago Saturday, calling for the police officer who shot and killed him to be charged. Newly released video reveals police killed 22-year-old Alvarez while he was running away during a foot chase. Police have not said why they initially confronted and then chased Alvarez, who was killed just two days after Chicago police shot dead another young Latinx male, 13-year-old Adam Toledo. This comes four years after the Department of Justice found foot pursuits by Chicago police were leading to too many deaths. Now Chicago’s mayor and police superintendent say a new police foot pursuit policy is underway. “We need to do a complete overhaul of our Chicago Police Department,” says Luis Gutiérrez, former Democratic congressmember for Illinois. “There is this real sense that Brown and Black lives, they don’t have the value that they should when Chicago police officers confront our youth.”

Source / Democracy Now!